Free Vending Machines!

Why not start enjoying a fully serviced vending machine at your workplace? Whether you have 10 people or 100 people, we can cater to your needs. From small, simple, mechanical drink vending machines right up to combination snack, confectionery, drink machines with a note reader, we will do our best to find something to suit your site.

We are experienced with maintenance and repair of electronic and mechanical vending machines and coin mechanism maintenance. Our fleet includes the most popular brands Dixie Narco and Royal Vendors as used by other large suppliers worldwide.

Here are a few examples of machines we offer :
vending 2 merlin 650 medium

Royal Merlin 650


vending dn 600e

Dixie Narco 600e



DI102 mechanical drink vending machine


double decker

DI 174 mechanical drink vending machine




compact drink machine

RP141t Electronic drink vending machine




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